Little Camper – VW Caddy Maxi Camp by Reimo

Little Camper – VW Caddy Maxi Camp by Reimo

An inexpensive alternative to the VW T5 camper California could be for many of the VW Caddy, such as the Camp Maxi by Reimo.

VW Caddy Camp Maxi von ReimoThis is based on the VW Caddy Maxi, that the version of the high roof long wheelbase station wagon. For the Caddy can be found at Reimo has been for some time a variety of facilities, such as the Smile C Plus or Active, but lacked hitherto something: a useful pop-up roof for walking upright, and best equipped with an additional bed surface in the “upper story” , The supply Egelsbach, whose company name Reimo is simple and almost of motorhome derived, finally. The deployable sleeping roof is designed by Reimo specifically for the Caddy and adjusted. It makes the family-friendly combination finally a real compact camper because it provides headroom and a roof bed – if only for one person or two children. Although it is 195 centimeters long, but only 93 inches wide. The Caddy is running in the roof area now once extremely narrow. There is more width is not feasible.

Even if the caddy is used in everyday life as a full five-seater or as a beast of burden, the camping expansion may remain on board. So then another single bed of 200 x 70 centimeters in the basement is available. If required, it folds into a double bed 200 x 113 cm can be converted. These are Reimo the Caddy Camp a sliding table, a mini kitchen with stainless steel sink, a water system, a gas canister stove fueled by the extract and a portable compressor cooler. Also on board are also storage compartments and even a suitable solution for the camping toilet. Even on a substance wardrobe to accommodate the clothing Egelsbach have thought. Full alltagsgauglich remains the camping Caddy from Egelsbach also for another reason: With its overall height of 1.96 meters, it still fits in underground garages.

The basic price is 30,990 euros. For the sleeping roof (White) 4.290 € will be charged, painting the roof shell in body color costs 850 euros extra.

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