Guide for Asturias

Guide for Asturias

To facilitate the design of each personal trip, we propose 7 groups and of each one 7 references of high interest or “must”. With just selecting a recommendation from each group you will have an itinerary of great diversity, although the choice is yours.

In total there are 50 classified proposals, that we recommend you to devise a plan of 7 intense days rolling and choosing at your whim only half (3 or 4 daily). It has taken into account the itinerant spirit, a certain escapism of crowded places and the possibility of overnight in van or motorhome:


A) 7 PORTS and coastal villages that give personality to the landscape and people of the sea: Puerto de Vega, Luarca, Lastres, San Esteban, Luanco, Llanes and Cudillero.

B) 7 PEOPLES from the interior that maintain a genuine character and appearance … would be almost all the council capitals especially the West: Salas, Tineo, Boal or Grado, not to mention the hundreds of people who will surprise us on the road like Bandujo ( Quirós), Soto de Agües (Rioseco) and Espinaréu (Piloña).

C) 7 MUSEUMS from modernity to ethnography and the arts to science or industry: Fine Arts of Asturias and Archeology (Oviedo), Botanical Garden (Gijón), Maritime Museum (Luanco), Niemeyer Center (Avilés), Jurassic Museum ( Colunga), Ethnographic (Grandas de Salime), Os Teixois Ethnographic Ensemble (Taramundi). I can not forget the “discrete” but recommendable: Museum of the Mine of Arnao (Castrillón), Museum of Geology (Oviedo), El Gaitero Factory (Villaviciosa).

D) 7 historical sites or symbolic elements of eras, such as: Tito Bustillo (Ribadesella) and Cueva del Pindal (Ribadedeva), Castro de Coaña, the pre-Romanesque art of Sta. María del Naranco and the Gothic Cathedral (Oviedo), industrialization in the museums of Siderurgia-MUSI (Langreo) and Mining-MUMI (El Entrego)

E) 7 BEACHES. Here my selection is difficult because the coast offers a gift to anyone who ventures to get away from the classic beaches of Gijón (San Lorenzo) and Avilés (Salinas). I suggest not to miss: La Franca (Ribadedeva), Toranda, Cuevas del Mar and La Canal (Llanes), Penarronda and Mexota (Tapia) or the well-known Gulpiyuri (Llanes) and El Silencio (Cudillero) only visited outside of August (or very early) ).

F) 7 PATHS. The relief is diverse, it grows from the coast to the Cantabrian summits leaving thousands of roads for routes of all conditions. In addition to the popular Ruta del Cares and Senda de Oso (not less recommendable), other “top” to enjoy without risking are: Ruta Naviega (Navia), A Seimeira (Santalla de Oscos), Les Xanes (St Adriano) , La Pornacal (Somiedo) and climb to Montsacro (Morcín), Coastal Path (Llanes) and Foces del río Pino (Aller).

G) 7 ACTIVE TOURISM. Valid for the circumstances and tastes of each one, they are developed by registered companies: Descent of Sella (Arriondas), ethnographic route (Asiegu), climbing (El Llano), ferrata and zip lines (Puente Vidosa), path of the Bear Trail (Tuñón), stand up paddle (Niembro) and … learn to pour (any cider house).

Hopefully still be in time for the VAG group put all eggs in one basket and surprise us with a new model that honors the saga that precedes it.