Buddybox – modular furniture for the T5

Buddybox – modular furniture for the T5

He’s like many of us: Gerhard Euchenhofer route often leaves his VW T5. With offices in business administration and master carpenter. Enjoy short stays in beautiful places taking a perfect coffee or a delicious meal cooked by himself. The feeling of being able to enjoy every moment of freedom, inspired him to build compact modular furniture and Buddybox call.

Buddybox 1The Buddybox furniture should not be an integral part of a vehicle, said Gerhard. It should be possible to install a simple and modular to adapt to different lifestyles and give customers maximum flexibility with a single vehicle mode. “The furnishings are meaningless permanently installed in a vehicle to drive on a day to day”, “increases fuel consumption and loss of usable space involve use inefficiently.” Besides its use in campers, you find that your modular furniture to serve other means. For example, yachts, houses weekend or for trade shows and events.

Its modular furniture is not just only practical, but also light and easy to install and remove, and not only by strong men. Moreover, they are flexible and compact, with clean lines and simple design.

The Buddybox modules are constructed from plastic and can be painted many colors. With around 9.5 kilograms, they are fairly easy to move and are easily cleaned with a steam cleaner. The high module has dimensions of approximately 40 x 40 x 75 centimeters, compact and convenient, the small ones are only 45 centimeters high. They cost € 299 and can be used as a stool or “storage” or even as a dry toilet. To do Gerhard offers a toilet kit includes ten dry bags of 44 €. All modules can be mounted without tools lack the standard bottom rail of VW T5 or in a lane Gerhard available as an accessory.

The modules can be used individually, but can also be combined to form a small kitchen with a table. The first products are the “Washbuddy” the “CookBuddy” and “SpaceBuddy”. The latter offers simple storage space. The Washbuddy, is a metering module (drinking) water with plastic body and a non-slip surface on the top of teak. This module is equipped with a tank of clean and wastewater, ten liters each, tap, electric water pump, sockets and mirrors as well as storage space for utensils personal care such as a toothbrush or a razor shaving. Price: € 599. With hot water boiler, the module amounts to 679 € in the price list.

Module kitchen leads the table included with an adjustable foot, intermediate shelf and cooking gas cartridge 479 €. The storage module 75 centimeters high costs € 449. For coffee lovers, Gerhard also has its accessory: original Illy espresso machine (279 €), which can be used with an inverter 12 / 220V.

This furniture is now sold online and at fairs. They are sent from its headquarters in Wannweil, Germany. There are already plans to expand its product range. For example, a “Double Buddy” twice as wide as the previous modules. Flush Box will also have a sensor to detect the water level, and may inform the driver of the vehicle with an application level via mobile phone or tablet. To save water, the tap will be controlled by a sensor. They also have in their management plans a refrigerator module, another with a beer dispensing system, a barbecue and a music module. The plan also comes equip in Bluetooth connectivity.

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